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Pitted Olive 4.5 kg is green in colour and pitted. It keeps its original shape.

It is a very healthy complement to our traditional nutritious Mediterranean diet.

In Spain we find olives, gherkins, almagro aubergine, carrots, onions, being very traditional capers, garlic or even a mixture of them.

They are often served as tapas to accompany beer (not wine due to its vinegar content).

Pickles have gone from being an age-old technique for preserving food all over the world to being one of the most appreciated tapas or appetizers in Spanish gastronomy.

Benefits of the Pitted Olives 4.5 kg

Did you know the multiple benefits of these olives? They have a high power to prevent heart and circulatory diseases in general.

This is due to their high content of unsaturated fats. In addition, it is a food that contains a lot of iron and fibre and is highly satiating, making it a perfect snack.

If you want to buy olives or any other type of pickle, do not hesitate to take a look at our online catalogue to see the wide variety of olives we have.

You can write to us for more information about our entire range.

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