Chopped Aubergine

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El ingrediente estrella de las ensaladas de Almagro. Siente el sabor tradicional en cada bocado. Suele servirse como aperitivo o combinado en platos de cuchara.


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Chopped Aubergine is the star ingredient of Almagro salads. Feel the traditional flavour in every bite.

It is usually served as an appetizer or combined in spoon dishes. Aubergines are originally from Castilla la Mancha, Spain.

Ingredients: Aubergine “De Almagro”, Water, Salt, Vinegar of Alcohol, Citric Acid (E-330), Calcium Chloride (E-509), Sodium Metabisulphite, Cumin, Paprika, Natural Fennel, Lactic Acid (E-270).

Storage conditions:

Keep in a cool, dry place, between 3ºC and 10ºC. Keep away from sunlight and strong smells.

Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 30 days.

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The brand is La Encajonera, a family business, founded in 1990, is located in the heart of La Mancha, in the town of ALMAGRO, in the province of Ciudad Real.

The manufacturing process of its products begins in the same growing area, selecting the best quality product.

The factory is equipped with the most advanced technology, while preserving the tradition and know-how of its artisan workers.

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