Cured Cheese Four Sticks 2,5kg approx.


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Cuatro Bars Cured Cheese is made with sheep’s milk and one has a healing time of about 12 months.

The whole piece weighs approximately 2.5 kilos.

Cheese made with pasteurised sheep’s milk (min. 65%) and cow’s milk, with an exquisite taste, whose firm texture highlights its intense flavour. An excellent cheese that will not leave you indifferent.

We recommend keeping it in a cool, dry place, between 4-8 ÂșC to improve its conservation.

Sheep have only two teats and produce a much smaller volume of milk than cows.

However, as sheep’s milk contains much more fat, solids and minerals than cow’s milk, it is ideal for the cheese-making process.

It also resists contamination during cooling better due to its much higher calcium content.

Although sheep’s milk can be drunk fresh, today it is mainly used in cheese and yoghurt making.

If you want to buy Cuatro barras cured cheese or any other type of cheese or cold meats, don’t hesitate to take a look at our online catalogue. We have the highest quality at the best price.

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