Cusumano Costera fresh bonito 1’8 kg

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Cusumano Costera fresh bonito 1’8 kgis a northern bonito caught one by one in the Cantabrian Sea and processed en FRESH.

Este alimento tiene un sabor auténtico y una textura excepcional.

At last you can have a traditional preserve on your table.

Fresh from the coast.

As this is a seasonal fishery that runs from June to October, Cusumano guarantees that this White Tuna has not undergone any freezing process from its capture to its manufacture.

This tuna retains all its organoleptic qualities of colour, flavour and texture intact.

Conservas Cusumano has new and modern facilities of almost 6,000 m² located in Mundaka.

Conservas Cusumano is a company that for more than 60 years has maintained a love for tradition and know-how in one of the oldest and most traditional trades in the world: the fishing and canning of Fresh White Tuna from the Coast.

Within the incomparable Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, which allows them to have the freshest fish due to its location so close to the sea that permeates our essence.

If you want to buy Cusumano Costera fresh bonito 1’8 kg or any other kind of canned food, feel free to browse through our entire online catalogue to see the wide variety of tuna we have.

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