Valdezarza Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5l is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of superior category, obtained directly from olives and only by mechanical procedures.

Valdezarza is located in the heart of the Montes de Toledo (Spain) and has an integrated ecosystem of olive groves and nature.

The best olive juice is made from the olives: Extra Virgin Olive Oil VALDEZARZA.

The Valdezarza Estate is located in the municipality of San Martín de Montalbán, geographically integrated in the Montes de Toledo.

With an extension of 700 hectares, most of this land is considered as protected Mediterranean forest and a controlled ecosystem.

This area is part of the Iberian Lynx reintroduction project and you can enjoy spectacular images of several lynxes resting under its olive trees.

The packaging plant they have means that they have greater control of the whole circuit from the olive tree to the packaging.

In addition, this company has real research, development and implementation projects such as the Messor Project.

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