Flower honey 1 kg

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Miel de Flores 1 kg


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Flower honey 1 kg is a product made thanks to the extensive facilities equipped with automated production lines and an integrated quality system.

After being harvested by experienced beekeepers, the product is packaged through a process that ensures the maximum preservation of its natural properties.

This product evolves thanks to the experience, knowledge and enthusiasm of all those who make it up, with a balanced commitment to the best tradition, preserving the good work of yesteryear, and through production processes that ensure the quality of the final product.

Honey is a complete foodstuff produced by bees from the nectar they extract from flowers.

It is a golden-coloured, viscous, sweet and delicious liquid that bees keep to feed themselves during the summer season.

It has many benefits such as:

It is a substitute for sugar. It is natural and delicious.
It makes your defences stronger. It protects you organically.
Prevents infections. It takes care of your health.
Gives you that extra energy in your day-to-day life.
Helps to promote digestion.

If you want to buy Flower honey 1 kg or any other canned food, do not hesitate to have a look at our online catalogue to see the wide variety we have.

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