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Basque chilli peppers in vinegar will give our dishes that spicy touch that will make them stand out.

This product will make the palate vibrate, being highly appreciated alongside stews or sauces full of flavour.

Among the many traditional ingredients of Basque cuisine is the piparra chilli pepper.

It is a very special chilli as it hardly stings.

It fits very well in all kinds of menus and is very well received by those who are not particularly fond of this flavour.

The Basque chilli peppers in this jar have an average size of between 7 and 12 cm and are prepared with vinegar.

A genuine touch that is normally served with piparras and that will send a shiver of intense flavour through your body with every mouthful.

Some of the properties of guinduillas:

Reduces cholesterol.
Stimulates blood and respiratory circulation.
It is considered that it can help to reduce overweight, as it accelerates the metabolism.
According to some studies, it protects the stomach by making it produce more mucus.

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