Natural clams 120 gr 25/30 pieces

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Clams natural clams 120 gr 25/30 pieces of Arlequín is a canned product made in the traditional way.

In Conservas Arlequín its mission is to offer a great product, the best service and a wide range of canned fish at the best price.

They also specialise in Anchovies, Anchovies, Anchovies, Bonito, Yellowfin Tuna, Mussels, Harlequin 13/18 Mussels in scallop sauce, Mackerel, Gulas and Sardinillas.

For example, the Comidista of the newspaper El País said of the ventresca: “It is so tender, almost creamy, that it makes you want to marry it and live happily until the Lord takes you”.

Principales beneficios de las conservas

  1. Conservan todas las propiedades nutricionales del propio alimento. Los alimentos conservan su frescura.
  2. Los alimentos que se utilizan son saludables por lo que son aptos para una dieta óptima gracias a su elevado número de vitaminas y proteínas.
  3. Estos productos tienen más capacidad de duración (entre 2 y 5 años suele ser lo habitual).
  4. Las conservas se guardan muy fácil ya que sus envases permiten aplicarse.

If you want to buy tuna or any other kind of canned food, feel free to browse through our entire online catalogue to see the wide variety of tunna we have.

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