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Benefits of the Partida de la Abuela olives can 5Kg

The benefits of grandmother’s split olives are numerous, and apart from their tremendous flavour, their properties are also very beneficial for your health.

They reduce cholesterol. Thanks to the oleic acid, grandma’s cracked olives help to keep cholesterol at bay.
They help digestion. Due to their high fibre content, these olives help to eliminate toxins and improve overall digestion.
Benefits for the skin. Vitamins A and E are good for the skin and have anti-ageing benefits.
They provide energy. They are high in iron, which helps to synthesise carnitine and produce energy.

Buy your Partida de la Abuela olives in a 5kg tin.

Grandma’s Olives stand out for their sweet yet intense flavour, as well as their characteristic seasoning, which is created from natural spices.

After being preserved for 5 years, the fruits of the olive tree are macerated until they reach the pleasant texture of our Olives of the Grandmother pickles.

These whole, firm-fleshed olives, lightly crushed and seasoned according to Grandma’s recipe, are the result of a long family tradition, originally from Antequera, Malaga.

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