Ripened goat cheese with paprika approx. 320gr


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Matured goat cheese with paprika approx. 320gr is produced by Quesería El Manjar.

This cheese dairy is located in Velada, Toledo, near Talavera de la Reina.

It is made with pasteurised milk and is wrapped in a layer of paprika on the rind, which gives it its special and unmistakable flavour.

As well as making goat’s cheese matured with paprika, its product catalogue includes a variety of other cheeses such as fresh cheeses.

All the products are handmade. The approximate weight of each portion is 320 grams.

This product has to be kept refrigerated from 0º to 8º.

Goat’s cheese, or more properly speaking goat’s milk cheese, is known as chèvre (which means goat in French) and is the name given to any cheese made from goat’s milk.

Goat’s cheese has been made for thousands of years, and was probably one of the earliest prepared dairy products. In its simplest form, goat’s cheese is prepared by allowing the raw milk to be cut naturally, then draining and pressing the curds.

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