Vermouth Los Cántabros 5 litres Bag in Box


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Vermouth los Cántabros 5 litres Bag in Box is a tribute to all those men and women who have known how to preserve and spread our culture.

Also our roots and traditions, accompanied by fairs, festivals, games and gastronomy, from the sea to the mountains of our beloved Cantabria.

This product is bottled by Bodegas Igarmi. 

Bodegas Igarmi is the present of a tradition that, since 1890, has been characterised by its quality and customer service.

A family business whose passion and dedication to wine has enabled it to bottle and market wines with an unbeatable quality-price ratio, which are highly valued in the market and by consumers.

Bodegas Igarmi has 3000 m² of facilities in the town of Heras with a storage capacity of approximately one million litres.

It is also the largest winery in Cantabria.

They are a great team of more than 30 people committed to providing the customer with the best product and the best service for which we distinguish ourselves.

They have a fleet of 20 vehicles for the delivery and distribution of products throughout Cantabria and neighbouring communities.

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