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White garlic in oil, peeled, processed and cured to soften its natural flavour while preserving its initial properties.

Garlic in oil is a delicacy for the palate, either as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to your best dishes.

Benefits of White Garlic in Oil

Do you know what are the main benefits of garlic in oil as pickles? Well, among many other properties, they are rich in probiotics, strengthen the immune system and even aid digestion.

Pickles have gone from being an age-old technique for preserving food all over the world to being one of the most popular tapas or snacks in Spanish gastronomy. In addition to our delicious garlic in oil, in our online catalogue you can find other types of pickles such as capers, sweet banderillas or spicy banderillas.

Properties of Pickled Garlic

It has antibiotic properties. Garlic in oil kills a wide range of microbes, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.

It provides a decongestant effect, a source of vitamin C, and enzymes and minerals that help to increase the body’s defences and immunity.

Garlic in oil protects our heart against cardiovascular heart problems such as heart attacks and atherosclerosis.

Another property of pickled garlic is that it lowers cholesterol as it has the ability to moderately lower triglycerides in the blood and total cholesterol, which can reduce arterial plaque.

In short, garlic in oil or pickled garlic has multiple properties and benefits for human health.

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